Why UNT Dallas College of Law?

Front of the unt dallas law center

UNT Dallas College of Law offers you a uniquely innovative legal education, at a tuition that gives you the right value and in a dynamic Dallas location, right downtown.

2020 Entering Class Facts. 58% Women, 41% Students of color, 17% Advanced degrees, 28 media age, 4% military

We Offer an Innovative Approach to Legal Education.

We are a new law school, with a fresh emphasis on learning by doing. We utilize the best instructional practices, offer engaged, experiential and collaborative learning, and provide ongoing assessment for our students. Since sound legal judgment is cultivated by experience, we give you ample opportunities to do real law. Most of our upper level courses include a “lab” component that applies the subject matter while developing practical competencies. And our students actively participate in practice settings while receiving mentoring and guidance.

We Focus on Real-World Practice Abilities.

Our students not only learn legal theory, but also practical skills, such as how to negotiate, how to prepare an agreement, and how to manage a practice. In short, they learn skills that relate to practicing real law in the real world. Our students also move purposefully towards readiness to pass the bar exam upon graduation.

We Give You the Convenience and Connections of Dallas.

Our presence in downtown Dallas places us close to the courts, to the bar, and to outstanding lawyers. As a professional school, UNT Dallas College of Law and our students will gain by proximity to experienced members of the profession, and from externships and other opportunities that will enrich the classroom experience.

We Make a Legal Education Open to More Students.

We believe a community's lawyers should be as diverse as the communities they serve. We are committed to serving a wide range of students who have the potential to be successful lawyers—not just to those who do best on standard admission tests.

We Offer a Great Value in Legal Education.

We are a public law school, committed to offering a top-quality legal education at an extremely competitive cost. As a new school, we are without legacy costs. By controlling costs, we will keep tuition at a level that increases options for our graduates, who will be able to then follow their individual career paths unencumbered by unreasonable debt.

You’ll be Part of a New and Exciting Program.

We are a new and different kind of law school, looking for a new kind of law student: someone who is ready to learn, willing to work and able to serve the community. If that sounds like you, join us!