Transferring Between the Full-Time and Part-Time Divisions

When students enroll at the College of Law, they enter in either the full-time day division or the part-time evening division. This is the student's "entering division." After completion of the required course work in the first two academic semesters, students may apply to transfer from the part-time division to the full-time division or vice versa. In order to transfer, the student must complete the Divisional Transfer Form, with all necessary signatures, no less than two weeks prior to the end of the preceding term.

A student may transfer for three reasons:

  1. Elective: The student chooses to transfer divisions. A student may only use the Elective Transfer option once in his or her law school career.
  2. Major Life Event: A recent major life event has affected the student's ability to continue in the student's entering division. This must be supported by the Descriptive Statement attached to the Divisional Transfer Form.
  3. Administrative: If a student does not adhere to the requirements of the student's division, the student may be transferred by administrative decision of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, with or without the student's consent.

A student who transfers divisions must take all lockstep required courses in the same order as the student’s originally enrolled division, following the policy on prerequisites. The student must take each lockstep required course within one semester of when the student would have taken the course had he or she not transferred divisions. Lockstep required courses include the following courses: 

  • Contracts
  • Torts
  • Civil Procedure I & II
  • Criminal Law
  • Property (or Property I and II)
  • Legal Writing and Research (or Legal Writing I and II and Legal Research)
  • Legal Methods
  • Professionalism and Practice of Law
  • Practice Foundations I: Interviewing and Counseling
  • Practice Foundations II: Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Constitutional Law
  • Capstone

Amended by Faculty vote December 7, 2016.