Transfer Credit For Visits To An ABA-Approved Law School

UNT Dallas College of Law students may participate in study abroad programs that are approved by the American Bar Association. Any student who is considering taking coursework from a study abroad program and who anticipates seeking to transfer credit for that coursework must first receive pre-approval of the course or courses from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In determining whether credit may be transferred for a course in a study abroad program, two decisions will be made. One is whether the course will receive transfer credit. The second is whether the course will receive transfer credit as an elective course, or as a required course within College of Law’s curriculum. It is possible for a course to be approved for elective credit and yet not be approved as satisfying a particular required course. For example, a course on the “Estate System” might be approved for elective credit, yet is not likely to be counted as satisfying the required course for Trusts and Estates at the College of Law.

In seeking pre-approval, students should provide, to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, a syllabus or detailed course description. The syllabus or course description must contain sufficient information for the College of Law to determine content, grading basis, instructor, instructional minutes, method of instruction, and other details that the College of Law deems necessary to transfer credit for its program of study. The number of semester course hours that the College of Law will count for the course is generally based on the instructional minutes in the course.

The College of Law will accept no more than a total of 8 hours of credit from a study abroad program. Credit may be given for a course taken in a study abroad course only if the student’s grade in the course meets or exceeds the minimum grade point average needed to graduate from UNT Dallas College of Law. The grade for the course in a study abroad program will be recorded as pass/fail on the UNT Dallas College of Law transcript, and will not be counted in the calculation of the student’s grade point average at the College of Law.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will decide whether a course or courses transfer for credit, and if so whether for elective or required credit. On a regular basis, the Associate Dean shall notify the Academic Standards Committee of decisions made relating to transfer credit. The Associate Dean may consult with the Academic Standards Committee in relation to transfer credit decisions.

Approved by the Faculty December 3, 2014