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Lawyers are information and knowledge professionals, and now is a time of immense change in the information world. Thus, now more than ever, legal education should emphasize research skills, knowledge management, and information literacy.  

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Our Mission

The mission of the Law Library is tied to the educational mission of the College of Law. The Law Library will lead the way in teaching, resources, and services aimed at developing information-related competencies critical in law practice.

This leadership starts with instruction in first-year legal research but extends much further. The Law Library and its personnel will guide instruction in advanced legal research courses, and will collaborate in designing and delivering many of the 1-hour lab modules in upper-level courses.

Our Location and Design

The Law Library occupies the full sixth floor of the law school, covering more than 20,000 square feet. Completely redesigned and renovated, the facility emphasizes collaborative work and study rooms, effective access to and use of digital and print information, and individual study and research rooms.

Visiting the Law Library

The College of Law’s Law Library is primarily for the use of College of Law students, faculty, and staff. Students, faculty, and staff from other UNT System institutions and members of the Bar are allowed access to the Law Library. To receive access to the Law Library, please provide proof of identity, as well as proof of connection to the UNT System or Bar, at the Security Desk on the first floor upon entering the building. Visitors will be provided directions or an escort and a visitor’s name badge as appropriate. See our Building Polices for more information.