Scholarships and Grants

The term “financial aid” is often used to refer to one or both of two different sources for financing legal education. One source is scholarships or grants—that is, awards that do not have to be repaid by a student. A scholarship or grant might be solely need-based, solely merit-based, or a combination of both.

A second source is loans—public or private. Loan information can be found on a separate web page.

This page provides you with information about scholarships and grants. 

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Tuition Waiver - Awarded to Members of Inaugural Class Only

After the Board of Regents set the initial tuition at the rate of $14,040 for 30 credit hours, the College of Law approved a grant (in the form of a tuition waiver) of $1,500 per academic year (30 hours credit) for resident full-time students and $1,125 per academic year (24 hours credit) for resident part-time students, as applicable. The tuition waiver is intended to pay towards eligible tuition costs and fees. If an inaugural class student has received a waiver or an exemption that pays all tuition and fees, that student may not be eligible for the tuition waiver. If you have questions about your eligibility, please visit the Waivers and Exemptions web page or contact Student Financial Services.

Institutional Scholarships - Entering Students

Entering Student Scholarships

UNT Dallas College of Law automatically considers all admitted applicants for a one-time, non-renewable entering student scholarship applied to tuition and fees for a student's first year of enrollment. No awards are made for summer enrollment. Scholarship amounts are based on available funds in a given admissions cycle. Admitted applicants will be notified by the Office of Admissions if selected to receive an entering student scholarship along with instructions on how to accept the award. For additional questions, contact the Office of Admissions at 214.752.5981. The following criteria will be considered:

  1. An applicant's academic record, including previous undergraduate and graduate institutions;
  2. The socioeconomic background of the applicant while the applicant was an undergraduate, including any change in that background;
  3. Whether an applicant would be the first generation of the applicant's family to attend or graduate from a law school; and
  4. The applicant's involvement in community activities and public service.

Institutional Scholarships - Continuing Students

Institutional Scholarships are offered and administered by UNT Dallas College of Law. Scholarship opportunities may be posted during the fall or spring semesters, or during both semesters.

External Scholarships

External scholarships are offered and administered outside the UNT Dallas College of Law. We publish external scholarship opportunities as scholarship providers contact the law school. Many other external scholarship opportunities may be found through other resources and online searches.

View the External Scholarships

ABA Required Disclosure
In accordance with ABA Standard 509(b)(3) disclosure requirements, UNT Dallas College of Law does not offer conditional scholarships. (Definition of Conditional Scholarship: A conditional scholarship is any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the students maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing.)


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