2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 scholarship Recipients!


William Austin Stacy


Ashley Jones

2016 Spring Semester UNT Dallas College of Law Dean’s Scholarship ($4,000 each)

Imran Akhtar
Santiago Balderrama
Tiffany Barnes
Darnell Barton
Tracee Bennett
Karri Bolton
Soila Bustos
Roselyn Coleman
Selene Dominguez Pena
Yubin Ding
Sa’Mecha Echols
Elenora Esparza
Felipe Flores
Adam Joseph Greenup
Charles R. Gurley
Johnelle Hall
Trerod Hall
Jenifer Hancock
Dana Harris
Lanna Hoskins
Ashleah Howard
Kristen James
Julius Jenkins
Tiffany Jones
Tyler Mendez
Connor Moore
Carolyn Okorafor
Taryn Ourso
Julio Parades
Alexandria Perez
Jacqueline Perez
Jordan Perez
Sidney Phillips
James Poarch
Adnan Qazi
Roina Rivera
Samantha Rodriguez
Nicholas Roeder
Alysha Sample
Alicia Sanchez
Kristal Sanchez
William Stacy
Ashley Swenson
Ryan Taylor
Valeria A. Umpire

2016 Spring Semester North Texas Giving Day Scholarships ($2,000 each)

Soila Bustos
Jamie Flores
Adam Joseph Greenup
Dana Harris
Geoffrey Madu
Nicholas Roeder

2016 Spring Semester Alumni and Friends Scholarship ($2,000 each)

Imran Akhtar
Tiffany Barnes
Michael Graves
Isaac Okyere
Selene Dominguez Pena
Roina Rivera
Alysha Sample

2016 Spring Semester Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation Scholarship ($6,000 each)

Thomas Long
Patricia Wachsmann

2016 Spring Semester Turley Family Foundation Scholarship ($7,500 each)

Stephanie Bell
Melinda Chaney

2016 Spring Semester Lewis Sifford Foundation Scholarship ($7,500)

Chelcie Charles

2016 Spring Semester Dallas Hispanic Bar Association Scholarship ($4,000 each)

Tyler Mendez
Kristal Y. Sanchez



ABA Required Disclosure
In accordance with ABA Standard 509(b)(3) disclosure requirements, UNT Dallas College of Law does not offer conditional scholarships. (Definition of Conditional Scholarship: A conditional scholarship is any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the students maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing.)








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