Information Technology Resources

The College of Law provides each of its students with accounts that permit use of the COL’s information resources—including computer resources and software for which the COL has obtained licenses. By using these information resources, students agree to abide by policies and procedures of the COL as well as federal, state, and local laws. These policies and procedures include but are not limited to the UNT Dallas's acceptable use policy; policies against harassment, plagiarism, and unethical conduct; and federal, state, and local laws pertaining to theft, copyright infringement, insertion of viruses into computer systems, or other computer-related crimes. These policies include the following requirements and standards.

Use of information resources must be consistent with UNT Dallas policies regarding plagiarism, unethical conduct, and harassment.

Laws relating to the protection of intellectual property extend to the electronic environment. Unless specifically stated otherwise, users should assume that works communicated through the computer network are subject to all federal laws, state laws, and UNT Dallas policies relating to copyright, trademark, and intellectual property.

Use of the COL’s information resources and content transmitted through these resources may be subject to:

  • Review or disclosure in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act and other laws;
  • Administrative review of information resource usage for a security purpose or in regard to legal or compliance concerns;
  • Information resources maintenance;
  • Audits or other reviews necessary to protect the reasonable interests of the COL and other users of the information resources.

Unauthorized and impermissible use of COL information resources includes the following:

  • Sharing COL accounts, personal information numbers, passwords, or other identifiers issued to the user;
  • Unauthorized entry into a file, to use, read, or change the contents or for any other purpose;
  • Abuse of computer and information resources, including interruption of function, insertion of viruses;
  • Use of COL computer resources for personal financial gain or a personal commercial purpose;
  • Unauthorized copying or transferring files or data;
  • Unauthorized use of another’s identification and password;
  • Use of computing facilities to interfere with the work of another student, faculty member, or COL official;
  • Use of computing facilities to send obscene, abusive, harassing, or threatening messages;
  • Use of computing facilities to interfere with normal operations of the COL computing system;
  • Damaging or altering records or programs.

For more detail, see Policies of the UNT Dallas Policies 14.001 - .009.

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