Free Speech and College of Law Facilities

The UNT Dallas College of Law is a public institution of higher education, with its primary purpose to provide an environment for education and scholarship. COL facilities are reserved primarily to support the educational objectives and mission of the COL. The COL recognizes that the freedom to exchange ideas is an essential component of the educational process. Expressive activities promote debate and the sharing of ideas, and substantially contribute to the marketplace of ideas that are the foundation of an educational institution. The COL protects the rights of students to engage in the free exchange of ideas while promoting a safe learning environment and preventing interference with COL functions and activities. Expressive activity in COL facilities will not be limited based on content or based on the political, religious, or other affiliation of the speaker. The COL facility may not be used in ways that would substantially disrupt or materially interfere with COL teaching, administration, or programs. Use of the COL facility by students or student organizations will be granted on a non-discriminatory basis, ensuring equal opportunity for all members of the COL community. For more detail, see UNT Policy 7.009.


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