Parking and Transportation


There are a number of surface parking lots near 1901 Main Street, home to UNT Dallas College of Law for the 2018-2019 academic year. The law school does not recommend one parking provider over any other; however, students interested in covered parking can consider the Elm Street Garage, located at the corner of Main Street and Harwood, which has covered parking, and a covered and enclosed sky bridge connection to the law school building located at 1901 Main Street.

Effective with the 2019-2020 academic year, most law school operations, including almost all classrooms, will be located in the historic Municipal Building, located at the intersection of Main Street and Harwood. There is no covered sky bridge connecting to the Municipal Building from the Elm Street Garage, or from any other parking provider.

Follow this link for a map of available parking locations in the downtown area. 


UNT Dallas College of Law students have the option to purchase a monthly parking contract for the Elm Street Garage, located one-half block from the College of Law's 1901 Main Street location.  The Elm Street Garage is directly across from the street from the Municipal Building. The monthly parking pass allows 24/7 access, including weekends, with in-and-out privileges. The College of Law does not obtain any fee from the Elm Street Garage.

More details:

  • The Elm Street Garage is located at 2000 Elm Street, with 4 entrances (from Elm Street, Main Street, Harwood, and Pearl Street).
  • The cost for College of Law students for a monthly contract using the pre-tax option is $110.00 plus tax effective September 1, 2018.
  • There is a one-time activation fee of $15 and there is a replacement fee of $15 for a lost parking garage key card.
  • Students will receive a parking garage access card that allows 24/7 access, including weekends, during the term of the lease.
  • A monthly parking contract must be entered into online through the link provided below.
  • The online contracting process allows students to select a start date for parking privileges. Starting parking privileges before the 15th of any month will result in having to pay the full month.

Use this link to request a monthly parking garage contract.

​IMPORTANT DETAIL - When completing the online contract, students MUST:

  • Use their UNT Dallas College of Law email address.
  • Type in "Student" in the "Employer Name" field of the form.
  • Type in their license plate number (not a credit card number) in the "Card Number" field of the form under the "Parkers and Vehicles" section of the form; the license plate number must be entered before you can proceed to the next screen of the online form.
  • Students will pick up their garage access card at the SP Plus office, located within the Elm Street Parking Garage on the third level near the skybridge entrance. Office hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Students who enter a monthly parking contract with the Elm Street Garage should note that there is a 30-day written cancellation notice required to terminate the parking contract.

Elm Street Garage: Daily Parking

  • There are no in-and-out privileges when paying for daily parking.
  • The daily parking rate is currently $12.00.
  • Students may reduce their daily parking to $6.00 by obtaining a parking ticket at the security desk in the lobby at 1901 Main Street.
  • Occasionally, special event parking for a downtown event can alter the cost of daily parking.


  • There are no in-and-out privileges when paying for evening parking.
  • Students who enter the garage after 4 p.m. and exit after 8 p.m. can reduce the parking cost to $4 by obtaining a parking ticket at the security desk in the lobby at 1901 Main Street.

PLEASE NOTE: Rates are subject to change by the parking garage in the future.


The law school is four blocks south of the DART light rail St. Paul Station. See map.

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