A Message from the Director

Most likely you experienced a moment or an event—whether positive, negative, trying, or inspiring—that resulted in your decision to pursue a law degree.  This moment or event is the seed from which your journey to law school and beyond will grow. As the Director of Legal Writing, I look forward to being a part of your journey and working with you to hone the analytical and writing skills you have developed throughout your tenure as a student (from elementary school through college).  I also look forward to working with you to master the new thinking and legal writing skills necessary to becoming a successful attorney—one equipped to serve those in need in our community.

Our goal in the legal writing program is to encourage you to become a better communicator than you ever thought possible. We aim to train you to think critically about both what you write and how you write it.  Our unified writing curriculum is designed to provide you with opportunities to receive detailed feedback on your substance and style, and then rewrite your work.  At UNT Dallas College of Law we believe that learning happens whenever students put “pen” to “paper;” however, we also believe that the opportunity to redraft after receiving critical feedback maximizes our students’ growth. With writing integrated throughout your legal education and opportunities for extensive one-on-one feedback, it is our mission to graduate students who are positioned to practice upon commencement.  I look forward to being a part of helping develop your legal writing skills at UNT Dallas College of Law.

Melissa Bezanson Shultz
Assistant Professor of Law
Director of Legal Writing
Director of the Center for Writing Excellence


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