Academic Success and Bar Readiness

Academic success and bar readiness are two closely-related but separate efforts at UNT Dallas College of Law. “Academic success” focuses on helping all students develop and improve the skills and knowledge necessary for their most successful performance in law school. “Bar readiness” focuses on reinforcing and further developing the substantive knowledge, legal analysis, and skills that are critical to success on the bar exam. The College of Law carries out its commitment to academic success and bar readiness through several key resources, courses, and programs. 

At UNT Dallas College of Law, we are fully committed to ALL students’ academic success. Our innovative Academic Success and Bar Readiness curriculum, programming, and services are consciously interwoven throughout the College of Law academic curriculum, from fall term of your 1L year, past graduation, and through bar preparation.

The goal of academic success is three-fold:

  • Success in law school
  • Success on the bar exam
  • Success in the practice of law

The Office Of Academic Success and Bar Readiness

The Office of Academic Success and Bar Readiness:

  1. provides resources and programs relating to academic success and bar readiness
  2. coordinates with doctrinal faculty members throughout the curriculum to incorporate skills and bar-focused materials in substantive courses
  3. develops and teaches the law school’s course offerings focused on academic success and bar readiness
  4. works with individual students seeking to reach their best performance based on their learning styles, including by bolstering core skills and knowledge, developing strategies for effective time management, and addressing other academic challenges

Academic Success Program

The College of Law evaluates your academic success beyond classroom grades, to include success in training you to become a practicing attorney. As a student at our law school, you are deemed a lawyer-in-training and, we expect you to not only attend classes and master course material, but also to engage with the full educational programming offered by the College of Law.

Bar Readiness Program

Because students’ first three semesters emphasize the acquisition of strong analytical skills, students studying for the bar can focus on learning new rules and immersing themselves more deeply in rules already learned; in other words, upper-level students can focus on polishing bar-related skills rather than remediating core analytical skills. Thus, the final weeks leading to the bar exam will truly be bar review.